Vintage CISD Photos

  • Read the Original Collinsville Academy Charter From 1883

    Collinsville Academy 1

    One of the few known photos of the original Collinsville Academy.  At one time the building was thought to have burned.  However, that is not the case. 

    The building was torn down during the Great Depression so that a new building could be constructed.  While the old building was very beautiful the need to give people jobs during that time was paramount.

    Collinsville Academy 2

    This is a another view of the same photo.

    Collinsville Academy 3

    The Collinsville Academy was demolished to make way for the current building which is on the same
    plot of land.  The WPA building which was constructed at the height of the Great Depression is still is use.

    Collinsville Gym
    Collinsville Gym

    Perhaps one of the most requested photos. Above is the original Collinsville Gym as it looked in the late 1970's

    The old ag shop

    The old ag shop which sat where the current playground resides at the elementary school.

    This lunchroom was demolished in the 1980's after the new gym and lunchroom at the elementary was

    ag barn

    In these two shots you can see where the ag barn was in relation to the old lunchroom.  Alumni will notice that between the two buildings and across the street was the little store owned by Mrs. Adams where students bought all kinds of goodies. 

    old gym

    Here is a rare inside shot of the old gym.


    This is from the 1980-1981 football year.
    On the top is Jacque Kyle and Shari Glenn.
    Bottom row is Rhonda Cardwell, Kelly Adams and Susan Burch.
    Cindy Whisenant was the mascot. -Thanks To Cindy For The Names

    elementary PE class

    A shot of what appears to be an elementary PE class. This shoot looks toward the main door on the east side.

    concession stand in the old gym

    A shot of the concession stand in the old gym. This shot is of the Sr. Class officers of 1977 so we have names. Notice the one lone light bulb hanging from a wire on the roof behind them.


    A shot of the auditorium in the old high school before its renovation. Notice the antique wooden seats.

    old slide

    The old slide on the CHS playground. These folks pictured here are sliding several at a time. This would lead to having to "sit" down at recess.

    push up bars

    The pull up bars on the old CHS playground. In the background you can also see the "highsteps" which had to be demolished to make way for the new gym.

    giant strikes

    The most dangerous playground device ever invented. This was known as the "giant strikes" by most kids. It is pictured here before its removal. Even before it was removed students were eventually barred from playing with it. The large chains and handle bars on the ends would swing around and pop you in the face once someone let go or fell off. It caused more bloody noses than most alumni can count.

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