• Welcome ! This is the Collinsville Pirate Annual Archive.  Buy A Current Yearbook At This Link

    We began this project with a single goal in mind.  To preserve for all pirates, be they past, present, or future a record of all that has transpired in the hallways of Collinsville.

    We had in our possession annuals that regardless of our best efforts had began to deteriorate to such an extent that we were in danger of losing them forever.

    In response to this problem we began the process of scanning every page of every annual, beginning with the oldest most fragile ones.  The result was this project.  A place where those who have lost a yearbook can relive glory days gone by.  It is also a place for those who were not yet born to see what Collinsville was like way back when. This was not a light undertaking as this project is four years in the making and is ongoing.

    Special thanks go out to Ken Kemp, James Moats & Ty Hill.

    If you have a 1939,1940,1941, or 1943 annual please contact Ken Kemp at kskemp@collinsvilleisd.org.

    We dedicate this project to the students, faculty and community of Collinsville ISD in Collinsville, Texas.

    Please note that not all annuals are finished.  If the link is not active that year is not completed.  Also note that no annuals newer than 15 years old will be available on this site.

    Copyright 2018 and beyond by the Collinsville Independent School District.  No part of the archive or page may be reproduced in any form without express written permission.