Notice is hereby given that a Regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Collinsville Independent School District will be held on the 20h day of March 2006 at 7:00 p.m. in the Library, Collinsville Primary School, 502 Reeves St. Collinsville, Texas, at which time the following subjects will be discussed:


1.      Call to Order


2.      Establish Quorum


3.      Invocation


4.      Citizen Participation


5.      Approve Minutes


6.      District Financial Review

6.1.   Approve Monthly Expenditures.

6.2.   Comparison of Revenue to Budget.

6.3.   Bank Balances.


7.   Administrative Reports

7.1  District Enrollment Review.

7.2  Administrator Reports.

7.3. Report on Facility Usage for 2006-2007

7.4. Report on Calendar Considerations for 2006-2007.

7.5 Report on candidates filing for May election.


8.  Action Items:

8.1  Consider recommendations regarding employment contracts of teachers and other contracted personnel.

8.2  Consider acceptance of resignations.


9        Adjourn


If during the course of the meeting, any discussion on any item on the agenda should be held in a closed meeting, the Board will convene in such closed meeting in accordance with the Open Meetings, Act, Chapter 551 Government Code.  Before any such meeting is convened, the presiding officer will publicly identify the section or sections of the Act authorizing the closed meeting.  All final votes, actions, or decisions will be taken in open meeting.


I, the undersigned authority, hereby certify that the above Notice Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the above-named school district is a correct copy of the Notice and that I posted the Notice on the bulletin board for public notices in the district's central administrative office located at Collinsville Schools, Collinsville, Texas, on the 17th day of March 2006 at 4:00 p.m.




Dated this the 17th day of March, 2006






Wayne King

Superintendent of Schools

Collinsville Independent School District