FEBRUARY 20, 2006                                  REGULAR MEETING


     A Regular Meeting of the Collinsville Independent School District Board of Trustees was held on Monday, February 20, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. in the library of the Collinsville Primary School, 502 Reeves Street, Collinsville, Texas.

     The meeting was called to order by Vice-President, Darryl Carney.

     Quorum was established with the following members present:  Darryl Carney, Sue Gilmer, Torrey Price, Johnny Lee Godsey, Ronnie Vannoy and Mindy Kerr.  Grady Fails  was absent at this time.  Others present were:  Superintendent, Dr. Wayne King; Business Manager, Karen Shotwell; High School Principal, Neal Harrison; Elementary Principal, Cindy Brown; Technology Director, Ken Kemp; AD, Danny David; Lisa VanHooser, Lonnie Basinger, Christie Hall, Deanna Irelan, Rachelle Jones, Jim Barnes, Donita Byrom, GiGi Cox and Carrie Lewter. 


Invocation:  The invocation was given by Johnny Lee Godsey.         


Citizen Participation:  Lonnie Basinger from band boosters club spoke to the Board about taking the band to Branson, Mo.  He also reported on some of the activities that the band is involved in.  


Minutes:  A motion was made by Sue Gilmer and seconded by Ronnie Vannoy to approve the minutes of the January 16, 2006 Regular Meeting.  The motion carried 6-0.


Financial Review:  A motion was made by Sue Gilmer and seconded by Johnny Lee Godsey to approve the monthly expenditures.  The motion carried 6-0.


District Enrollment:  District enrollment is 584 total with 326 in Elementary and 258 in High School.


State Comptroller Value Report:  Dr. King discussed the State Comptroller Value Study report with the Board.


Training Hours for School Board:  The following are the number of training hours that each Board member has as of February 20, 2006:

                                    Darryl Carney - 5 hours           

                                    Grady Fails - 2 hours

                                    Johnny Lee Godsey - 5 hours

                                    Torrey Price - 5 hours

                                    Sue Gilmer - 48.5 hours

                                    Mindy Kerr - 8 hours

                                    Ronnie Vannoy - 5 hours


Electronic Voting Requirements:  Dr. King discussed the new electronic voting requirements with the Board. 


Administrative Reports:


Cindy Brown reported that taks starts on Tuesday on her campus.

Neal Harrison reported about the success of the students at the San Antonio livestock show, the AR reading program and the success of the theater camp.

Danny David gave the Board a calendar of events happening for the next six weeks.

Ken Kemp reported about the break in at the central office.  Several laptop computers including his was stolen.

Brad Giles reported about how well the band is doing.

Dr. King reported that he has a conflict with the appraisal district board.  He informed the Board that he received an email from Sue Gilmer concerning reports from the results of drug testing the students.





Call May 13, 2006 Board Election:  A motion was made by Johnny Lee Godsey and seconded by Ronnie Vannoy to call the May 13, 2006 election for place 1, 4, and 5.  Place 1 will be for an expired term  for two years, place 4 and 5 will be for full terms.  The motion carried 6-0.   


Appointments of Election Judges and Clerks:  A motion was made by Johnny Lee Godsey and seconded by Sue Gilmer to approve Kay Denson as Early Voting Clerk, Dorothy Martin as Early Voting Judge and Election Judge, Gary Davidson as Alternate Judge and Clerk, Martha Flowers and Shirley Swindle as Clerks for the May 13, 2006 election.  The motion carried 6-0.


Resolution for Complying with State Law for Voting Machines:  A motion was made by Sue Gilmer and seconded by Darryl Carney to approve the resolution indicating the Collinsville ISD will comply with the state law to provide election equipment that complies with ADA standards.  The motion carried 6-0.


Band Trip:  A motion was made by Johnny Lee Godsey and seconded by Mindy Kerr to approve the band booster request to take a trip to Branson, Mo.  The motion carried 6-0.


Executive Session:  The Board entered into executive session at 8:40 p.m. for the purpose of personnel authorized by section 550.074 of the Texas Government Code.  The Board returned to regular session at 10:51 p.m.  No action was taken at this time.


Personnel:  A motion was made by Johnny Lee Godsey and seconded by Darryl Carney to accept the recommendation of the Superintendent regarding the extension /renewal of high school principal, elementary principal, technology director, and athletic director for the school years 2006-07 and 2007-08.  The motion carried 6-0.


Resignations:  A motion was made by Ronnie Vannoy and seconded by Johnny Lee Godsey to accept resignations as presented.  The motion carried 6-0.


Adjourn:   A motion was made by Johnny Lee Godsey and seconded by Ronnie Vannoy to adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:58 p.m. by Vice-President Darryl Carney with six members present and Grady Fails absent.  There were no objections.




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Vice-President - Darryl Carney                             Secretary -  Mindy Kerr


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